so you need some remote assistance.


we all could use a little help sometimes.


in order to help you as quickly & efficiently as possible, we’re going to use a piece of software called “TeamViewer” which allows us to remotely and securely connect to your computer with your permission.

if you’re familiar with TeamViewer and are ready to download it, click here. or, just google “TeamViewer” and you should see a link for “downloads.”

otherwise, read on for a short rant on computer security and how a great tool can be used for bad in the wrong hands

i’ve put “with your permission” above in bold for a very important reason. TeamViewer is known as “cross platform” (meaning it’s both PC & Mac compatible), it’s a very popular piece of software. and the more popular something is, the more potential it has to to be used for a malicious purpose.

in my time working @ apple, i helped probably 2 or 3 customers a day who were scammed into letting “tech support” control their computers by exploiting the fears of the not-so-saavy computer user. the scenario almost always went something like this:

  • you’re browsing the internet when all of a sudden, a gigantic pop-up appears, or maybe several hundred pop-ups appear that all look fairly official, telling you that “Your computer has been infected with a virus.”

  • The people who created those pop ups are going to use all of that fear and panic they just created in a second, when you get a second pop-up that says, “This is a message from Apple / Microsoft Tech Support. We have detected a virus on your computer. Please contact us at 1800-!@#-$%^& so that we can help you remove it.”


imagine you’re out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. suddenly, there’s a ruckus coming through the crowded restaurant and making a bee-line for your table. everyone around you turns their heads to see what all the commotion is. standing in front of your table is a man wearing a police uniform, and he grabs you by the shoulders, looks you straight in your eyes and says, “someone is robbing your house. i need your keys so i can stop this thing immediately.” chances are pretty good you’d hand your keys over to the officer. and 5 minutes later, when the dust settled, chances are also pretty good you’d realize that the person you just gave your house keys to wasn’t a police officer at all.

  • when there’s a fire at your home, does the fire department contact you to let you know about it?

  • when your home has been burglarized, do the police come to you to tell you about it?

  • when your computer has a “virus,” does your web browser tell you about it?

my answer to all of the above is no.

rant nearly completed, i promise.

  • you see above I gave you a link to download TeamViewer, but I also said or just google it and download it yourself? why did i do that? well, i’m here to help you. the same way you’re trained to ask to see an officers badge or to call 9-1-1 if you believe you’ve been pulled over by a suspicious looking car, I don’t want you to take the internet for it’s word. if you get a pop up that says this is apple, call us so we can fix your computer, don’t. breathe for a minute. don’t get caught up in the scare tactics. maybe go to and look for the phone number for support. i’d be willing to be it’s not the same phone number your pop up wants you to call.

  • i know it’s bad business, but i want you to trust us. that’s why we won’t collect payment for remote assistance until after we’ve provided it. now that you know that we won’t charge you until afterwards, there’s really no reason to give someone your money before they’ve “fixed” your problem.

i still think TeamViewer is the best software for ease of use, setup, and control. it still requires you to give permission for anything to happen on your computer. just make sure you’re very protective of that permission.